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Mothers Day Offers 2017!

Hello Everyone! So today is the 3rd of March and Mothers day is fast approaching. Why not treat your lovely mothers, In Laws, Nannas or someone who you really care for; to a fantastic photoshoot with myself that comes with one of my fantastic discounted offers! This year I have a variety of packages available to you, all session fees are INCLUDED in the price. However, If my packages are not to your taste.. but you would still like a photoshoot to give some photographs as a gift, then maybe purchasing a USB or more prints is better suited to you? If so, feel free to contact me via email or phone and we can discuss this further to give you the best deal you want! So you're still reading.. which means you're interested, right? Fantastic!

Below you can have a little nosey of what to expect from my themed mothers day sessions this year.. WAIT.. you don't want a theme? thats fine.. If you'd like to keep things simple and have a backdrop without props, flowers and the rest of the cuteness, then we can still produce some stunning images to suit your needs and will still be included in my offer! Themed Session: So what you can expect is lots of pinks and pastel balloons, pink hearts, "Mum" or "Nanna" Letters, Personalised chalk boards, flowers, tissue paper pom poms and buntings, pastel coloured backdrops - super cuteness! This theme is suitable for all ages, However - I wouldn't recommend family styled shots in these themes. Simple Session: The more simple styled session is if you're wanting to give a gift to say.. a nan of all her lovely grandchildren? or a mother of her gorgeous children? (Dads, You NEED to keep things under wraps - Tell her you're taking them to the park and she can have a relaxed afternoon. Then bribe them with sweets to keep their mouths zipped!!) OR, treat yourself! Its mothers day!! Bring yourselves along and get a group shot of you and your little ones.. and the pets! Or, of course.. We can opt for a location shoot and bring some props along!

NOW TIME FOR THE DEALS!! Thats what we're all looking for. Okay, So below I will show you some of the fantastic offers and savings I have for you this mothers day. The Print Package: Photo session, Choice of either sessions, Full editing, 3 FRAMED Montage prints consisting of: (2) 10x8" Prints, (1) 16x12" Print. (£55) (Comes at a savings of £35) Canvas Package: Photo session, Choice of either sessions, Full editing, and a canvas of your choice: *12x18" Canvas (£50)

** 24x16" Canvas (£75) *** 30x20" Canvas (£80)

(Comes at a savings of *£25, **£35, ***£45) Luxury Pamper Hamper Package: Photo session, Choice of either sessions, Full editing, and a luxury hamper including a framed print, chocolates, an option of wine, Yankee Candle, "Love" Yankee Candle Holder, and a range of different luxurious natural pampering products from Forever Living (Options of products shown below). All comes wrapped in pink shredding, glitter, clear wrap and finished in a cute pink ribbon!

* Luxury hamper, Body Scrub & Mask (£66) ** Luxury hamper, Body Scrub and Bath Salts (£69)

*** Luxury hamper, Shower gel and bath salts (£74)

**** Luxury hamper, face serum and wine (£55)

(Pamper hampers can be viewed below) AVAILABLE DATES ARE:

Friday 10th March

Saturday 11th March

Sunday 12th March

Wednesday 15th March

Thursday 16th March

Friday 17th March

Sunday 19th March

Monday 20th March

PLEASE NOTE: If these days do not suit you, please contact me to request your own available date as I try my best to accommodate everyone. Contact me via: // 07803250807

GMD xx

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