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Tomis Christening

What a wonderful way to end the last Sunday of January celebrating little 4 month old Tomis Christening, and my-oh-my was it a beautiful day! I was so happy and privileged when I opened the invitation asking me to attend Tomis Christening; when I turned it over and there was a little note asking if I would be his photographer for the day, taking plenty of photographs - OF COURSE I WOULD! I've photographed many events before from weddings, charity events, balls, graduation etc.. But not a Christening. I was so excited and confident, ready to explore a different event, capturing those special moments and blessings.

Turning up at the Holy Trinity Church in Rhostyllen at 12.30, my stomach turned as I saw the crowd of people already there waiting for the gorgeous family to show their faces. I felt nervous - I am not sure why, I never feel like that on other occasions. But on this day I needed to focus and ensure I got every shot perfectly, I think it was the pressure of photographing something new, a different environment and a different way of photographing.

The service started at 1pm.. But Sioned and Aaron turned up fashionably late and arrived after everyone else. Sioned wore a stunning cream dress with blue accessories, whilst Aaron and Tomi wore matching blue suits. Oh, and did I mention the teddy bear? Yep. The teddy bear had a matching suit too! brilliant..

In we went and got ourselves seated. Usually I use a flash when its dark, However I was determined that today would be the day I get these shots without a flash and make the use of my new Nikon d750 and its ability to capture those longer exposures, using a 25-85mm Lens. It went so perfectly - I couldn't believe how incredible and smooth the service went. Tomi slept through most of it though! After the service, We headed to Bersham Sports and Social Club. All the tables were full, everyone was chatting away so merry and having fun. The buffet table was the length of the room, filled with the most delicious foods, banners, balloons and the amazing cake. Can I just say - the buffet was easily the best I have ever had! They even re-laid it out with deserts afterwards and I had scones, clotted cream and jam (my favourite treat). I spent a few hours at the club, photographing Tomi being passed around by every family member and capturing those natural moments. Everyone was really enjoying themselves. 349 images later and it was time to leave, saying my goodbyes to all the family took a whole hour as I was chatting away to everyone like they were my own family! Everyone was so kind and such a pleasure to meet, It was a truly incredible day. Now you can enjoy looking through the photographs from the big day, If you want to see more then head over to the "Celebrations" section of the page to look at other events photographed by me.


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