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Hello again everyone! I would like to wish a huge Happy Birthday to James and Andy!

So this weekend I had the privilege of being asked to photograph James' and Andys' surprise Birthday party, organised by the lovely Jessica Charlotte for her dad and boyfriend.

Initially, this event crossed over with a wedding that had been booked a couple of months earlier.. but when Jess asked me I really didn't want to let her down as I knew she wanted to plan the event as smoothly as possible, wanting memories to treasure forever and trusted me in capturing those special moments. Jess is such a lovely girl and kept prompting me to just enjoy myself and have a drink with the family, to join in on the event and to have a laugh and dance with everyone. (I stuck to my squash as I would never be under the influence on the job! haha) So on this occasion of having two events in one day, I invited my new assistant Marnie to come down and cover the event until I arrived from the wedding. I met Marnie a couple of days before the party to talk through the equipment she would be using, lighting, how to use the correct exposure and what things to look out for when capturing the events as this was her very first photography event. She was very nervous; especially as she would be on her own for the FIRST half of the party, but I assured her that she would be comfortable and find her feet in no time. I arrive approximately 8.45pm to greet Marnie, Who had been covering me since 7pm.

The party started at 7.30 and everyone would be seated with a drink ready for the surprise entrance of James and Andy at 7.45pm. Marnie had done an absolutely fantastic job on covering me and I honestly couldn't be more proud or thank her enough after I threw her straight into the deep end, She had covered everything I asked. The party was lively, everyone was having an absolutely brilliant time. There was a selfie booth, tonnes of fantastic foods set out in a buffet style table, balloons and a photo cake. The walls were decorated with memory photos and there was even over size dumbbell weights for everyone to play around with! Jess was so bubbly and polite, such a brilliant party host to have and made me and Marnie feel so comfortable - It was honestly like attending one of my own family parties!

For the rest of the evening, I guided Marnie around so that I would ask the guests for posed photos and helped her on using the focus and aperture along with an adaptable flash. We flicked between the buffet food in-between, I'm a sucker for a cheese sandwich and a mini sausage roll so I was in my element! The night drew to an end as we photographed those boogying away on the dance floor and captured the group shot! It was a brilliant night and I can't thank Jess and her family enough for putting on the fantastic event and inviting us. And also, a special thank you to Marnie - Who I am very proud to say will be working with me on future events, without having her to help out the event wouldn't have been covered, and a big congratulations on photographing your first event! Please enjoy the photographs, and for any bookings and enquiries please head over to the "Celebrations" section or "contact". GMD x

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