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Lilli's Story

Hello everyone! So today I had the privilege of meeting Lilli; The stunning St Bernard dog who was re-homed just 14 months ago by Ali Jackson and her lovely family. We all love a happy ending, not that it should have been a sad story to start with, but for Lilli she had an awful start to her life. Lilli was found tied to a fence in Serbia, beaten and starved. When she was rescued, it was touch and go, Lilli had to be hand fed for days until she came round. 14 months down the line and Lil has piled on a whopping 7 Stone, (YES, 7 STONE!) and is now a super healthy, happy and pampered doggy. When Ali entered my competition online to win a free doggy photoshoot, I had to give her the opportunity regardless. People like Ali who give to our community and save the lives of dogs who are in situations like Lillis deserve to be rewarded too and given something back. I had lots of cuddles with Lil in the studio today - along with slobbery chops, a soaking floor and getting her head stuck in a bin after trying to munch the left over cake from a 1st birthday shoot earlier on haha! So, Here is Lilli now.. what a stunning dog! Lots of Love, GMD x

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