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Creating 'Chique Boutique's first Campaign

This photographic production created for Chique Boutique by Lacey Mai in Wrexham, North Wales was an Autumn/Winter 16/17 collection, designed for her FIRST EVER campaign shoot.

Lacey opened the shop in Wrexham this summer and after receiving wonderful feedback for the brand we decided to launch a campaign shoot.

After meeting up and discussing what look we wanted to go for, we decided that as we have both just gone self-employed in Wrexham and the target market was aimed at clients in our area, we should also set the scene in a bar in our very own home town.

Our subject was 'The Club Scene' as the garments were designed for parties and events. I visited "Bank Bar", Wrexham and Alex very kindly let us use one of his clubs. After visiting the properties a few times and taking test shots we decided that the location was brilliant and would be perfect for the time of shoot (September) as it would be indoors and out of the cold.

Our fantastic up and coming models Shannon Probert and Charlotte Jones worked the camera brilliantly and helped us create these beautiful shots!

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