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WOW! What an amazing response I had from the Pumpkin Mini Sessions!! On Friday afternoon I welcomed FOUR, yes FOUR!!! NEW faces into the GMD studios!! Which is absolutely incredible.. As well as our very own trusty little family member Dillan who has been modelling all my new born outfits the past three weeks for test shots.

So check out these gorgeous little boys who came to visit me just in time to melt everyones hearts on Halloween this year! (Oh, and I forgot to mention.. I may have accidentally snook in a few cheeky ones of Rolo the Dog and Moley the Cat too! Why not, eh?) For the Edits, I used my best friend Photoshop of course. Heres a quick over view of what I did:

  • Changed curves to suit images individually.

  • Quick Selection tool on the backgrounds, adding in a 'Lens Blur' from the blurring options at strength 39.

  • Soft blend using the blur tool to go around the baby/pumpkin edges to blend the object into the background.

  • Added a warmth filter (LBA) to over all image on strength 15, then used the quick selection tool on the babies face and body to add another layer of the same warmth filter on strength 25.

  • Then I used the Dodge tool at a strength of 6% to highlight certain areas on the face.

  • Added a de-saturation tool when/where needed and corrected skin tone by going on image > Adjustments > Saturation > Master drop down > Red > Change filter to zero (should turn B&W) > Alter filter until red blotches are even.

  • Applied a contrast.

  • Added a lighting flare.

Thanks for reading and enjoy the images! GMD


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