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Photoshop Editing and Re-Building Image Process

Hey Everyone! So I'm back with another blog post to show you all a few techniques I use through Photoshop when editing photographs and having to re-build some of the image. It happens quite often that I have a beautiful image but theres just one thing off that I'll need to change, but people never realise that I actually edit the photos and what I do. So I decided that I would show you a video of what I actually do to the images and hopefully, if you're just starting out as a photographer or not used to using photoshop, this will help you too!

In this case, I was photographing 5 month old Charlie (who is absolutely adorable) but he couldn't sit up. Usually, In the case that they're still not sitting up right strong enough on their own, I will always use a set up that supports the baby and to make sure they don't get hurt. After speaking with his mum, Vicky, We decided that it would be nice to photograph him naked with a little santa hat on and some cute little lights and baubles, hoping to create some natural shots and get him smiling and playing. Vicky supported Charlie by holding him up whilst we took a couple of photographs.. but the real work came in after the shoot! Heres a video to show you the process, I hope you enjoy it!



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