Winter Wonderland!

Hello Everyone! So after the Halloween pumpkin shoots really taking off, I knew the winter wonderland theme that Ive had in mind would go down an absolute treat! This time, I wanted to create a set that was absolutely unique to me and really mind blowing to bring in new faces and get everyone talking - Which is the main goal when setting up a new business, right?

I had been looking around and asking people who could build things for months to make me a little bridge, but everything I was finding was too large, garden furniture for a pond or the labour was incredibly high. I was just so keen on getting this little bridge as I had so many ideas for shoots in mind. Luckily, my friends dad just so happened to be free one Saturday afternoon after me complaining I still hadn't found one, and by the time I got home from work he had already built me one!! RESULT!! (Big shout out to Deb and Alan Speak). For a couple of weeks after he built it, my friend and I got stuck in, painting it in grey chalk paint. I was aiming for a distressed look of grey and white tones. Once it was fully coated, I then added on a coat of white matte emulsion before sanding it down with different sanding paper weights and waxing it over. It looked absolutely incredible! I collected various pieces for decoration to add to the theme from lots of different home stores, discount stores and charity shops. I found a perfect 4ft Tree with white snow for £10 and two little penguins £12/10 - both from Homebase: I went to Abakhan for white wadding to make the snow base and bought some basic cushions to rip up to use for stuffing: I bought fairy lights (Battery operated for safety) and Tartan blankets from Primark for a couple of pounds. And the rest was picked up from charity shops or the likes of home bargains, collecting bits and pieces over time and trying to stick to a budget. In the end I decided to opt for two themes for the christmas shoots - Winter Wonderland / Cosy Indoors. The Cosy Indoors shoot would just consist of some little buntings, floor board back drop and pick up in the red colours, which would give my clients a bit of variation from the winter wonderland theme. To view the images, Just scroll down below to see the progression. Thanks for reading! GMD


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