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Go ahead for self-employment!

Hello Everyone!!

So, although I have been a photographer for years now, It was always something I wanted to pursue fully once leaving eduction and not something I've done full time (Even though I would have loved to).

After finishing University at Liverpool John Moores this year and Graduating in July, I had every idea of what I wanted to be and where I wanted to be.. but no clue how?! I mean.. how do you go straight out of Uni and become the next Rankin? impossible!

So I read a few books, Assisted Sane Seven for a couple of months on some massive shoots, managing to photograph the legendary Ian Ayre at my beloved club, Anfield, and discovered that It was well and truly quite impossible and rare to go into a full time photography job! Most of the work is in fact freelance or the odd job here and there.

So I decided to go self-employed, offering my services to clients in the hope of gaining work, experience, building my portfolio and getting a name for myself. I visited my local job centre to see how they could help me out as I had no idea where to even start! They put me forward to the New Enterprise Allowance where I could receive help and support, speak to an advisor and see if my plan would actually work. After a couple of meetings and tellings off for going on too many holidays (well, it is summer and I did just finish University), I finally met my advisor who thought the idea of my services and business was a cracking one. I finally got the go ahead to go self employed!!! So, over the next couple of weeks I am writing up the "official" plans, working out finances and finalising all of the websites, social media accounts and portfolios so that everything is up to scratch for you guys to view and keep updated with what is going on.

On that note, I best get cracking!



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