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Getting into the Halloween Spirit this year.. I wanted to create a set of beautiful images with an Autumn/Halloween theme. I browsed online looking through a couple of ideas and saw some photographs taken of children in pumpkins.. but they didn't have that cute edge that I was hoping to find. Eventually, I developed an idea to use the pumpkin for the babies to sit in, but adding blankets and leaves in Autumn colours. My colour scheme here was browns, reds, yellows and oranges. I took my Macy and Bailey (Little brother and sister) along to a farm where you can actually pick your own pumpkins! It was the first time we had done this and we spent a good hour in the fields getting dirty, wheeling around the wheel barrow and trying to find the biggest and best pumpkins! It cost us £8.50 in total for an Extra Large pumpkin and a Large Pumpkin.. which I personally thought was a bargain as not only did the kids have fun, we found two large pumpkins (That big it took two of us to lift them) and we could also keep them until halloween night to put out by the front door!! As soon as we got home, we cut the lid on the larger pumpkin before emptying all the insides out and then began setting up the studio to take some practice shots for the theme! Check out the photos below to see us at the farm and setting up the studio!



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