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Gabby x



I’m Gabby. A photo obsessed Mama to a handsome (If I do say so myself) baby boy and two fur babies.


First of all, thank you so much for getting in touch with myself to capture your precious memories.

You have made the first step in your journey by reaching out, and by doing so means that you are so ready for me to capture your love and connection in a series of beautifully curated timeless imagery.


I truly believe that every stage is worthy of being documented. From the start of your pregnancy journey, their arrival, their first Birthdays, all of the bits in-between and onwards!


My professional yet cosy studio is a home from home; based in the heart of Wrexham, and equipped with absolutely everything you should require for yourselves and your little ones during your visit.

The studio is a calm environment, providing warmth and relaxation. Fully equipped with 3 studio rooms and a play room for little ones who need some time for fun.


Please take a read through, I cannot wait to see you so





Your newborn session with me

Renowned for creating the most memorable experience for you and your family - and often deemed the baby whisperer or poached to come home as the night nanny!

This is your time to really relax, sit back and take it all in.

We can chat (as much or as little as you’d like), drink tea, and I will be goofy around your older kiddies to catch some laughs!


Often enough, this is the first (or one of the first) outings with your new addition - and as a mother, I know first hand how daunting it may feel.


”What if baby cries? How can I time the feeds? What do I need to bring? Have I packed everything I need in the bag? Did I pack spare nappies?”


Please relax, rest assured I can help you and will have it all under control. I have been photographing newborns & babies for 10+ years and have my own divas to contend with too - I always win! Plus, the studio is equipped with back ups of wipes, nappies, creams etc too.


My sessions are baby led, and although a professional and an expert in baby posing - I use minimal posing throughout the session, but instead apply these skills to help soothe and guide yourselves and your little ones. I prefer to photograph your baby exactly how they are.


I have a large selection of stunning wraps, blankets and outfits to use during your session - all you need to bring is yourselves - and supply the baby milk!





Modern simplicity, Raw & Timeless.

I am a sucker for those tiny details that you’ll never want to forget.

The lashes, tiny toes and finger nails, the texture of their skin,

baby fluff, and those pouty lips.

I also adore getting yourselves and siblings involved.

Even if it’s just getting your hands within the photos,

holding onto baby.

I can gaurantee you will never regret getting in the photos.


Each month, I take on a maximum capacity of 5 “Due Dates”

and my diary is extremely exclusive.

Babies are unpredictable, as is their arrival date.

By having an exclusive booking system;

It means that I can give your more of my time

and a variety of dates & times.

All you need to do, is reserve your session

by paying a reservation fee -

then get in touch once baby arrives

to secure your official session date and time.


I recommend to book your newborn session

to take place within the first 8 weeks of babies arrival.


Where your heart begins

All sessions include up to 90 minutes studio time, with myself as your photographer.

Upon booking you will receive my welcome & style guides, along with my full support and advice throughout your entire journey.

Siblings and partners are always welcomed to join in.

Sessions take place at my studio, or can be arranged on location of choice*


• 20 digital images

• Copy of 20 digital images

in Black & White

• 20 matching prints


• 10 digital images


• 5 digital images

• FREE when booking

a Newborn Session*


Where your heart grows


All sessions include up to 3hrs studio time, with myself as your professional renowned newborn photographer.

Upon booking you will receive my welcome & style guides, along with my full support and advice throughout your entire journey.

Siblings and partners are always welcomed to join in.

Sessions take place at my cosy studio, equipped with outfits for baby, props, chilled water & snacks.


• 20 digital images

• Copy of 20 digital images in Black & White

• 20 matching prints

• FREE Maternity Session*


• 10 digital images


• 5 digital images


Maternity Session?

Fancy a

Yep. Really!


I truly believe that pregnancies need to be celebrated and documented MORE.

It’s where your journey begins - whether it’s your first pregnancy or your fifth - each journey is unique, different, and why shouldn’t we document this time where your tiny little miracle is growing inside your tummy.


I am that passionate about not letting these moments slip, that I want to give you this session for FREE!*


I know how it feels - the sickness, feeling uncomfortable and tiredness. This is probably the last thing on your mind which is why I think a lot of the time these moments go missed. But I promise, you won’t regret it.


Come and spend an hour with me, we can laugh and chat - and I will snap away whilst we do just that.

Children & Partners welcome - even the grumpy ones!

*Maternity session ‘Collection 3’ becomes FREE when you book your baby in for Newborn ‘Collection 1’. Collection 3 will be payable on the day of your maternity session, and later deducted from the final fee of your Newborn session.



how to

21A Chester Street,


LL13 8BG


Nestled in a quiet space in the upper levels of a historic Victorian building. Just a couple of metres distance from parking, so that you can walk by foot.


The best place to park is Waterworld Car Park, Wrexham (Shown in Image)


Exit the car park and head towards the zebra crossing.

Cross over, and immediately turn left.

Walk down the pathway, and on your right hand side you will need to look up and you will see the sign.

Please ring the buzzer, wait for a click and push the door to enter.


We have some stairs at the studio, but you can leave your pram on the lower ground floor.


If you need any assistance, please save my number and feel free to give me a call.



Frequently asked

  • When is best to book?
    Any time from your 20 week scan.
  • How do I book?
    Amazing - Please get back in touch with me via email so that I can provide information on how to pay your session retainer fee of £50.
  • Can I pay in Instalments?
    Of course. Get in touch so that we can discuss Interest free payment plans.
  • What if I have a difficult delivery of baby and need more time?
    You are my priority, and your health should be yours. Please take care of yourself and prioritise your recovery, I can send you dates to get you booked in at a later date.
  • Can I bring other family members?
    What’s that saying, too many cooks in the kitchen? Intimate family settings work best. Especially when you have siblings attending the session who can easily become overwhelmed by too many people or ‘eyes on them’. If you need the help of a grandparent, absolutely no problem. But please, no cousins of cousins.
  • What if I am too tired for the session?
    As a mama myself, the chances are - you will be. But, thats why you book me. Just turn up and I will do all the work. You can sit back and relax.
  • Can I bring my other children?
    Oh my goodness - my favourite images are when you or the siblings get in on them - even the fury ones!


Not sure what to wear?


Mamas, I've got your back!


Upon booking you will receive my style guide with recommendations on what I suggest is best for you and your family to wear.


I also have a large wardrobe selection for newborns and babies up to 12 months, along with a selection of carefully crafted dried flower headbands, hand knitted bonnets and layers.


To book your session, please get back in touch to confirm that you are happy and would love to go ahead!


We can discuss some dates, and I will send you information on how to book.

Sessions require a non-refundable £50 retainer which is later deducted from the session fee.


For newborns, I will takes your due date and make a note in my diary. Retainers are still required for newborn sessions, and in effect the deposit will ensure that you have a space once baby arrives.


Once you have selected a date and paid your deposit, you will receive a booking confirmation along with a questionnaire, welcome guide & style guide.

Please feel free to contact me via email at any given time, and I will get back to you as soon as possible.


I can't wait to meet you!

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