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Newborn Sessions are recommend within the FIRST 14 days and can be booked in after your 20 week scan.
This is the time when your baby is most sleepy, flexible & relaxed. After this period, they love to stretch, are more alert, their flexibility is stiffer so that those curled up positions aren't as comfortable, and also - this is the time where your baby may develop Collic and baby acne.  

How to prepare for my session? 
* I recommend feeding on demand for at least 24 hours prior to your session, let me explain... 

Keeping your baby as little stressed as possible before and during the shoot will ensure that you get the most out of your session.
I also recommend feeding your newborn just before your session starts; either at home, on your way to the session or whilst you arrive at the studio. 
During the session your baby will be moved around, undressed, changed 
outfits / wraps / poses etc which will disturb them - Baby waking up means that baby thinks its feeding time and will demand more milk!!! Unless of course, they already have a super full tummy and are relaxed enough for us to continue each pose. So don't be startled if they require more milk on the day. 

* To keep your newborn as settled as possible, and especially as they hate being naked, the studio can become very hot (for us) but is perfect for keeping them warm. I recommend bringing comfortable & layered clothes to undress if you become too hot. 
Newborns, and especially premature babies, have poorer circulation, so although the studio is nice and warm - please bring their favourite blanket to comfort them and also keep them snug during change over of props. 

What should I bring?  
* Props? I provide ALL props, from posing bowls to wraps / knitted outfits. However, if you would like to bring something of your own to personalise your newborn session, please feel free to bring it along and let me know prior to the shoot. 

* If you are not Breast feeding, then please bring spare bottles to your session. If you are using a pacifier such as a dummy, please bring that along too for comforting - these are a miracle during sessions as like I say in the point above, the movement of your baby will make them think they are hungry! 

What should I wear ? 
* As mentioned above, please come along in comfortable clothing - preferably layered clothing so you can undress a layer if you become too hot. 

* If you are joining in on family portraits, please just wear an outfit you feel most comfortable in. Most of the shots are natural, relaxed and unposed. 
If you need to, you can also bring a change of clothes and change at the studio when we are ready to take your portrait shots. 


Cake Smash Sessions are recommended to be booked in at a minimum of 14 days prior to your Childs' Birthday or on their day as part of their Birthday Activities. 
I recommend booking at least 14 days prior to the shoot to ensure that the digital edits and prints are delivered to you in time for your little ones' first Birthday - perfect if you're having a party and want to show the family!! 

What should I bring?  
* Props? I provide ALL props, buntings / balloons / decorations. However, I do not provide the cake due to allergy reasons. 

* Full Cake Smash Sessions include normal portraits too which we call "First Birthday Portraits"  - so please bring a normal outfit for your little one. 

* I have a selection of Cake Smash Outfits - however, if you prefer to bring your own then feel free to do so. 

* Full Sessions also include a "Splash Session", so please bring a towel. I use Johnsons Bubble Bath so please let me know prior to the shoot if your child has any allergies using it; if so, we can just use Luke warm water and you can always bring your own wash. 

What should I wear ? 
* Cake Smash Sessions get very messy - please come in comfortable clothing ready to get stuck in helping your baby with their cake, as some babies do need an extra hand with encouragement.  

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